1. The straight and narrow.

  2. What last week felt like.

  3. Gnarly

  4. Portrait of my daughter. Sometimes I don’t trigger all of the strobes I set up, just to see if you can get a more dynamically lit shot. The lights were set up for a shot like this.

  5. Silhouette in my backyard.

    Saw this while looking around at some rain in my backyard. Figured it’d make a nice and creepy looking shot. One cool thing about the X100s is that it has a thread for a plain old cable release, making long exposures easy and cheap to do.

  6. Colors.

    I was planning on going outside for today’s picture, but it was north of 110. So yeah, more whisky.

  7. Sunset from the thicket.

    I took a couple of other ones from standard angles to probably show more of the bold color of tonight’s sunset, but I liked the angle and foreground of this a little more. One of the things I love about the x100s is that it is as easy to hold down low in the grass as a standard point-and-shoot.

    See the outtakes on flickr: one two

  8. A self portrait.

  9. Lagavulin.

    I’m playing around with lighting for whisky photos, which has been kind of fun. It’s a little tricky because the glass will reflect anything you shoot at it, though I think I’m getting more of a hang of what will happen.

  10. Hail [Desert] Hydrant!